Age: Unknown

Class: Unknown, Diplomat

First Met: Val'ir tir, Golden Touch Inn - Women's Bath

Last Meeting: Outside of Sabrekeep - Silver Dragon Military Camp

Other Names: "Miss Eleven"

Player: NPC

First MeetingEdit

While using the women's bath, Angie was the only person to speak to Lelouch. She claimed to be a diplomat at the time of their meeting, before retiring for the night.  At this time is when she received the nickname "Miss Eleven" do to the rating of her behind.  It appears that the bard was stricken by her, keeping an eye out wherever the group went for this female.

Their second meeting was not so glamorous.  In the inn's tavern area, Angie was meeting with a supposed client, a merchant that the group had met earlier.  Interrupting this meeting, Angie seemed annoyed by the bard who only was interested in learning her name.  This meeting turned up information that somehow she's connected with dealing in contracts, but it's still not clear how.

When the group was getting ready to depart Val'ir tir, Lelouch spoke to Angie in referencing where she was headed.  Her response was North.  Liem Hargrave was part of her traveling group. 

Not Whom She SeemsEdit

Their next meeting was not as pleasant as the first couple of times.  Angie seemingly rescues Lelouch from a group of bandits, who's intentions were unknown until now.  It seems there's a bounty on the bard's head due to his background and she wishes to claim it.  Her demeanor is much colder than before and it seems that she is indeed the leader of this small band of military men, as she led the group back to a military camp outside of Sabrekeep.

Her intentions were made known soon after arriving to camp.  She planned on turning Lelouch in to come to an agreement with his father.  The details of the agreement weren't made known at all.  After trying to sway her opinion, Angie seemed largely uninterested in what the bard had to say, determined to see this out and turn him over into his father's custody.  However, the outcome was never seen as the camp was attacked by an unknown force allowing Lelouch to escape.