Welcome to the Level 0 Pathfinder WikiEdit

Currently, this wikia is designed to help the PCs to have a place to learn more about the fictional world in which they inhabit called Suraih.  This will have campaign notes to help keep track of in-game time, rediscover what they already know about current NPCs, keep track of rumors and other housekeeping material.  Several portions will include overviews of all the towns that they have currently revisited, along with historical notes.  Some topics will be left primarily blank for a reason.  This page is run by the current Gamemaster, Amy.

Note: Most of the information and pictures used are copyrighted by Paizo, as much of this campaign is based upon the role playing game Pathfinder.

Important TopicsEdit

These are the topics that will be needed the most in the current or upcoming gaming session. 

Historical Figures: Listings and profiles of all characters in the current campaign and whom they are controlled by. This main category is broken down into three pages with quick reference tables: Non-Player CharactersPlayer Characters, and Pantheon.

- Suraih: Learn about the townes, cities, and mysterious places which make this planet different from Gloarion.  Will include prominent races, beliefs, and other relevant information to the current campaign.  This category is also broken down in continents: Lornmar, Asaroth, Rosawen, and Masia.

- Encyclopedia: A place for all the major historical events that happen in the world. Learn about when a settlement was created, when continents were settled, or why a certain group responds to others in a certain way.

- Bestiary: Taken straight from the Pathfinder Bestiaries, these are the creatures that the Player Characters have currently come into contact with.

Latest UpdatesEdit

- Version 0.01 10 August 2013- Started the Wikia. Added characters in tables, working on individual character pages, geography, lore, history, etc.