Age: Unknown

Class: Rogue

First Met: Val'ir tir, Market - outside of the Old Lady's Magic Shoppe

Last Meeting: Val'ir tir, Thieves Guild - Norgorber's Statue

Other Names: Leader of the Crimson Shadow

Player: NPC

Assassin in the NightEdit

The group receives a hint that there may be a hit on the old lady who sold them quite a bit of magical merchandise.  While attempting to defend the house from fire, Ben notices a shadowy figure firing arrows from the roof of a nearby house. Assuming this is the person trying to murder the old lady, he attempts to hit the assassin, with no avail.  The person escapes into the night by the time Ben reaches the roofs.  Once the group reassembled, they notice that the arrows that the assassin was trying to use against the old lady were tipped in King's Sleep, something that would not affect elves, leaving the group baffled as to whom it's real target was.  They continue to spend the night at the Old Lady's house, with the assassin failing to return.

In the Thieves' DenEdit

Upon entering the final room of the underground portion of the guild, the group has an encounter with several high powered guards that were seemingly worshipping a statue of Norgorber.  A shadowy figure in the corner just watches their struggle.  Once the encounter was complete, the group attempts to confront the person, who seems callous to the bloodshed that had just occurred.  The conversation does not last long as the figure disappears in a plume of smoke.