Age: 29

Class: Fighter, Blacksmith

First Met: Vatangar, Market Level - Blacksmith Shop

Last Meeting: Outside of Kinyll, Midway Tavern

Player: NPC

Shopping is FunEdit

When first arriving in the dwarven city of Vatangar, the group decides that they need new weapons.  Ymir and Brynn use the gems that they received as a reward for helping the archelogist to modify a couple greatswords.  The dragon scales that they accquired from the fight in Val'ir tir also comes in handy.  Mani also requests specialized weapons and gear with the use of the material he had from their travels.  The one responsible for all their unique gear is Hilde. The young dwarf was interested in making money, even if it was with a Drow.

However, when Lelouch approached her, she was intrigued with his idea of making a mechanized weapon.  The dwarf anxiously agreed to help him and set to work making plans for it immediately.  When he returned to the shop, Hilde had some plans drawn up which he approved.  It was then she remarked that a group of people were looking for a prince, namely a Lelouch vi Brittania.  Lelouch denied this was his name, though he had already formally introduced himself previously.  The dwarf claimed she denied the knowledge of such a name and wouldn't tell the names of clients anyway.

A day later, an earthquake hit the city of Vatangar.  While she was about to set up shop for the day, the building caved in.  Trapped for several hours, Hilde was rescued by Lelouch, who had returned to the city after evacuating. Grateful, Hilde in turn worked to help get other dwarves to safety.

The Secret WeaponEdit

Once again, the group met with Hilde, only this time in Midway Tavern between Kinyll, Val'ir tir and Dinalagos.  This time, she had a the weapon that Lelouch had requested.  A hexagun, the first of it's kind in the world.  She gave a brief explanation of how it works and Lelouch received the necessary materials to operate it.  It wasn't the only service she performed for the bard as they shared a room that night.  In the morning, Hilde effectively turned away guards who were looking for Lelouch, so he could escape.