These are the characters that are controlled primarily by the Gamemaster.  Clicking upon a character's name will pop up to another page with all the current information that the players have about the NPC.  Characters are in order of appearance after intital set-up.

Name Race Class First Met Status
Angie or "Miss Eleven" Elf Unknown: Diplomat Val'ir tir: Golden Touch Inn Alive
Duath Unknown Unknown: Leader of the Crimson Shadow Val'ir tir: Marketplace Alive
Hilde Vantancam Dwarf Fighter: Blacksmith Vatangar: Blacksmith Shoppe Alive
Liem Hargrave Human Bard Val'ir tir: Black Sanza Inn Unknown
Mathus Holm Elf Cleric of Erastil Kinyll: Goblin Cave Alive
Old Lady Human Unknown: Shopkeeper Val'ir tir: Magic Shoppe Unknown
Ryean Blothicar Elf Paladin of Erastil Kinyll: Streets Unknown
Unknown Hobo Elf Unknown Val'ir tir: Market Dead
Shuno Elf Unknown Outside of Sabrekeep Alive