These are those who play the game at present. The first table will represent those characters who are still alive, while the second table honors the fallen or those characters who are now under the control of the Gamemaster. These characters are in order of appearance.

Active Player CharactersEdit

Character's Name Race Class Current Level Homeland Entered Campaign Played By
Mani Half-Elf Ranger 12 Rosawen: Hansburg Kinyll: Starting Character Ernie
Lelouch Vi Britannia Human Bard 10 Lornmar: Newia Val'ir tir: Docks Josh
Obi Oro Human Monk 10 Asaroth: Unknown Val'ir tir: Golden Rose Inn Alan
N/A Aasamar Druid 5 Unknown Unknown Samantha
N/A Dhamphir Inquestitor 5 Unknown Unknown Michael
Ben the Black Human Fighter/Wizard 8 Rosawen: Unknown Val'ir tir: Golden Rose Inn Sam

Deceased or Non Player CharactersEdit

Character's Name Race Class Homeland Played By Status
Vernas Human Paladin Rosawen:  Sam Unknown
Arkaramus Human Sorcerer Rosawen Sam Deceased: By his own greed, his downfall became of him. Killed in the Thieves' Guild of Val'ir tir due to looking for the mystical item.
Brynn Drow Barbarian Asaroth Samantha Deceased: Her downfall was her rage, yet she died heroically and bravely outside of Hartgate.
Ymir Ice Elf Fighter Asaroth Michael Deceased: In a valiant attempt to slay the creatures that brutally murdered his friend, his soul was devoured.